The One Way International Seminary of Theology is the birthing from the One Way Apostolic Faith Mission International Church; a church which started ten (10) years ago through the vision of Bishop Dr. Austin George Alphanso Wright, BH{M}, J.P. Bishop Dr. Wright, J.P., is the founder, president and Chancellor of the Seminary and he has been a diligent server and spiritual leader in the Ministry of Christ since he was a teenager (aged 14).  Bishop Dr. Wright, J.P., is an educator and has been working in the education system for over thirty years.

It is within these experiences, and the fulfilling of his God given calling, that the inception of the Seminary (the second school to be developed by him) was initiated in 2016. Bishop Dr. Wright’s vision was to develop and increase spiritual productivity in persons in the Ministry at different levels.  He saw that there was a need to educate and train them to be better representations of the body of Christ. In achieving this, they would be empowered to assist with the ministering of the saints in various roles of the Church based on their acquired abilities and God given capacities. This led to the implementation of Courses which would edify their spiritual growth and allow them to project themselves into better leaders and servers as they perform their duties to Christ.

The mark of Christ was upon the leadership of the Seminary and it could be felt when the Seminary started with over thirty (30) students upon its first opening, who were pursuing the certificate in training local church workers /leaders for ministry to assist for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry and for edifying the body of Christ. Students were enrolled in ten (10) Course offerings, each valuing three (3) credits and the participants successfully graduated. The diploma courses were done in collaboration with the International University of Biblical Studies (IUBS) and the Associate degree programme, which started in 2018-19, was the bi-product of the collaboration between the Seminary and the Cornerstone Christian University (CCU).

The One Way International Theological Seminary can be described as an evangelical Seminary which is geared towards the, advancing of biblical knowledge and transforming of lives in the spirit of evangelical work. We also cater to the development of the whole man by offering other avenues of education in Early Childhood Education. Today the Course offerings have expanded and students can enroll in the Certificate, Diploma, Associate degree, Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and Doctoral degree levels in their educational pursuits.

The Seminary is presently going through a reformation and new programmes are being introduced to help the students to reach their true potential. We are seeking accreditation through our international membership organisations, and we have a vision to continue to expand our programmes and resources to meet the changing times while keeping true to God’s word and mandate. 

As we continue to grow, we recognise the need for world class leaders and apostles of Christ who are well prepared to carry on the mantle of Jesus Christ’s heritage. We strongly believe in the message of the gospel of Christ and we envision the Seminary and its students climbing to higher heights as we move towards excellence.