The One Way International Theological Seminary will accept at the entry level, students who are high school graduates, or bear the equivalent High School qualifications/achievement through other means. In some situations however, special entry requirements may be given for special admissions as we are trying to allow each and every one the opportunity to fulfill their goals and commitments to the Ministry and to educational advancement in general.  Admissions are granted into the Certificate, Diploma, Associate degree, Bachelor’s degree, Master’s and Doctoral degree programmes. 

Admissions into our programmes are also based on certain character traits and expectations, these are:

  • Approved Christian character/belief system, which is demonstrated by attendance to a church, cooperation in one’s community and work environment.
  • A desire or zeal to be in practical Christian work.
  • Demonstrate the ability to take on academic work in the level to which one is applying.

The One Way International Theological Seminary is a Christian Bible College and we uphold strict biblical ethics, however we will not display partiality to persons who are not attached to an assembly/church family and demonstrate a true desire to enroll in our programmes to the trueness of their dedication to be edified in the spiritual understanding of God, or the fulfillment of their educational goals and desires. 

To this end we will not discriminate against our applicants based on race, denomination, gender, colour, nationality and ethnicity. Each applicant will be fairly processed and provisions will be made to ensure that all our students enjoy similar rights and privileges to our programmes and activities.